Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The secret of Paganini's "Campanella"

PAGANINI, Niccolò borns in Genoa, in 1782, his studies violin and guitar mandolin. 
He has only 12 years old, when starts to plays concerts writes form himself, to pay his musicians studies, his family wasn't rich. 
He has 18 when becames popular in all North Italy, but His fame as a violinist was only matched by his reputation as a gambler and womanizer. 

It's only in 1821 Niccolò Paganini plays in Vienna, and, after, becames famous in all Europe. 
His technical ability, and his willingness to display them, gained much acclaim from critics across Europe.
In addition to his own compositions, theme and variations being the most popular; also his technique becames popular, in North Italy, a legend talks his technique becames from 'a pact with Devil' because wasn't easy to reproduce all his technique.

In every concert, his fingers bleeds for the big work supported: in a particular concert the Turin's Governor asked to Paganini to repeat the last 'concerto', but him answer: "Paganini doesn't repeat" : that answer becames, in Italian language, a tipically "way of saying", used still now, that example to understand to you the big impact to all Italian society of Paganini's phenomenon. 

We can say, like many musicians say,  that in the music exist "before Paganini" and "after Paganini"; the only musicianhas had that big impact was for rock music and for electic guitar as Paganini, has had for classic music and for Violin strument has been Jimi Endrix with his guitar. 

 Another particulary alimented Paganini's legend that call him The Devil's Violinist,  is his violin, a Stradivari, called "Cannon" for his big power of sound. 

Uto Ughi one of the most important Italian violinist presents to us the last time the Paganini Concerto in B minor. Once called "The Bell" because there is a very witty dialogue between violin and orchestra bells. Paganini is a lot of fun to do these things original. He performed this last time, in all theaters of Europe enjoying the greatest success.

Paganini's genius lay not only within the limits of human transcendental virtuosity.
His deep and poetic aim is to make violin as a human voice.
Each string had its color, its hue, his feelings and dreams.

Uto Ughi in the video explains very well what is meant by "Tell Bell" and then perform the song in full.

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