Friday, September 21, 2012

What's the secret to a good Italian coffee?

Coffee is the great protagonist of the awakening of many Italians. During breakfast and after lunch, an espresso in Italy it' s a must. But how ta make a good espresso with the classic mocha coffee? 

Here are some simple tips: 

1.     The mixture of coffee should be of good quality, and once opened should be stored in a closed container, away from foods that emit strong odors and may alter the flavor.
2.     Water is also very important. It Would be better to use fresh water and low in calcium. Not recommended the use of hot water to try to expedite the preparation.
3.     Fill the boiler up to the level of safety valve, without exceeding it.
4.     Fill the coffee filter generously. without pressing the powder, and making a bum.
5.     Close the pot tightly and put it on low heat.
6.     As soon as the coffee begins to come out, lift the lid, so as to prevent that the condensation falls on pot.
7.     Before the coffee is completely left, remove the pot from the tire.

Important: never leave boiling coffee on the fire. the flavour would taste of burn!Enjoy the coffee when is still hot!